Sunday, June 15, 2014

The Week of 06/09/2014: The Madness Deepens

It felt like I skipped a whole lot this week (I did) but in reality I only missed 5 of my 27 scheduled miles for the week.  All in all things are going OK, sore areas are starting to feel better, and I'm starting to think that I just might survive this thing.

Monday 06/09/2014

Scheduled:  REST

Tuesday 06/10/2014

Scheduled: 6 Mile Recovery Run

Wednesday 06/11/2014

Scheduled: 8 Mile Recovery Run

Thursday 06/12/2014

Scheduled: 5 Miles Spd, 5 x 100M striders
Instead ran an 8 mile recovery run.

Friday 06/13/2014

Scheduled: REST

Saturday 06/14/2014

Scheduled: 8 Mile Recovery Run
Lots of rain all day today.  I managed to sneak this run in during a window of time in the early evening where not a single drop fell.  No sooner than I was in the house than the floodgates re-opened and it was coming down cats and dogs again.

Sunday 06/15/2014

Scheduled: REST
Ran an easy 6 miles.  It was a beautiful partly cloudy day.  Felt great.

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