Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Week of 01/20/2014

Another cold week with multiple subzero days.  The first week back from being sick was not great.  My heart rate while running at recovery pace was more aerobic.  Also had ongoing motivational issues, especially later in the week.  At this point I have been prioritizing getting rest in over getting miles in.

Monday 01/20/2014

Ran a scheduled recovery run on the treadmill tonight, 12:00 pace.  First time back on my feet since the 10 miler back on 01/10.  Based on perceived effort and my heart rate, this was more of an aerobic run.  I'm not sure what to make of that, I wasn't off the program long enough to have de-evolved.

Tuesday 01/21/2014

Seven miles on the treadmill, with a four mile tempo run in the middle.
2 @ 12:00
4 @ 10:00
1 @ 12:00

Wednesday 01/22/2014

Easy 3 miles RR on treadmill.  12:30 pace

Thursday 01/23/2014

AM - Slept in, skipped scheduled 6 mile RR.
PM - I didn't feel like making it up.

Friday 01/24/2014

I was up late last night and skipped my scheduled morning swim.

Saturday 01/25/2014

Skipped scheduled 12 mile Long run.  Aaaaargh!

Sunday 01/26/2014

Rest day scheduled.  Meltdown complete.  Next week is another week.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Week of 01/13/2014: Postcards from under the bus

Monday 01/13/14

I slept in today because my legs still needed rest. The plan was to run at night before the snow fell, but my daughter started displaying stomach flu symptoms around dinner time. Displaying them, exerting them, launching them and spewing them. I stayed with her all night and skipped the run. Some things are infinitely more important.

Tuesday 01/14/14 - Sunday 01/19/14

I did not bother writing anything for a long time, as the flu transferred from my daughter to me, and I spent a good part of the last week sick to my stomach. Truly, I am just now starting to feel human again. No desire to run at all, I traded a planned 31 mile week for a big donut. I am feeling good enough that I could attempt a RR tonight, but I think that I will take the rest and re-join the schedule tomorrow as planned. Big 34 mile week coming up. 

I hope that I got being sick out of my system for the remainder of the winter.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Week of 01/06/2014

Monday 01/06/14

Ran a scheduled recovery run on the treadmill tonight. Due to the inclimate weather I will most likely skip tomorrow morning or do another short run inside, on the mill.

Tuesday 01/07/14

It's a deep freeze in my part of the world. I slept in this morning under the auspices that I'd "Run tonight." That never materialized however, as when it was time to go home from work my car wouldn't start. Suspected frozen gas line. I got rescued by my boss, who was good enough to give me a lift home. by the time my odyssey was over I had no desire to hit the mill at all. I spent some time with my kids and went to bed.

Wednesday 01/08/14

The deep freeze continues. I had my car towed home from work, and spent the evening getting it started and put back back into the garage. Will take it in to the shop for a lookover this weekend.

At the end of the day I declined another treadmill run.  Not a good trend this week.

Thursday 01/09/14

I flipped around a recovery run and instead ran a Lactate Threshold run on the mill tonight.  Five miles, 4x400m repeats.

It felt a little dangerous going fast on the mill, I keep expecting to stumble and get spit off the back.

Friday 01/10/14

Cross training day and first lap swim of 2014. 1800 yards, 50 Kick + 100 Swim Repeats.

I encountered a twinge in my left shoulder when swimming butterfly during a 100 IM. It's been a couple of hours since the workout ended, and I still feel a little stiff.

Saturday 01/11/14

I slept in today and moved my workout to the evening.   I ran two laps of my regular five mile course for a total of 10.2 miles.

During miles 6, 7, & 8 I had this weird twinge I'm my left knee that was discomfort bordering on pain.   Eventually I figured out that it was actually my quadriceps stiffening up in the cold.   I did some knee rises and eventually things loosened up.   Overall a good run.

Sunday 01/12/14

A valuable rest day, I could still feel some discomfort in the left knee.  I had thought of using the day to make up one of the ones that I had lost during the week but in the end I used the day as it was intended.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Week of 12/30/2103

Monday 12/30/13

4 Mile Recovery run on Treadmill

Tuesday 12/31/13

5.04 Mile General Aerobic run (Effort felt harder than it was).  -11°, Clear.

Wednesday 01/01/14

I took it easy and stayed inside today. Slept in in the morning, ran a Lactate Threshold run on the mill in the evening. Four miles, 4x400m repeats.

Thursday 01/02/14

I ran a General Aerobic run this morning@ 11:15 pace.   It was -09ยบ & Clear.

Friday 01/03/14

I took my first rest day in over a month today.  It was a real treat to get a full night's sleep.

Saturday 01/04/14

I had a ten miler scheduled for today, woke up to realize that my outdoor running kit was still sitting in the washing machine. I had never hung it up on Thursday, and it sat there all through my rest day yesterday. I hung it up and climbed back into bed. Hopefully that won't be a common theme in training this year.

Later on in the day I went shopping and finally settled in on a new pair of shoes, Asics GT-1000.

Sunday 01/05/14

Ran a scheduled recovery run on the treadmill tonight.  Due to the inclimate weather I will most likely skip tomorrow morning or do another short run inside, on the mill.