About Me

I am a middle-aged man trying to lose weight.

In April 2009 I topped out at 306 pounds. By February 2011 I had drifted south to 285 pounds (Without much thought or effort, mostly just through portion control in my eating).

Since March 2011 I have gotten serious about losing weight. I have engaged in an aggressive exercise and dieting plan with the primary objective being to lose 2-3 pounds per week. To use a baseball analogy, I am not trying to hit a home run on one swing; I am trying to knock in a bunch of runs with singles and doubles.

My ultimate target is to get down to my "Ideal" weight, which is 150 pounds, which is just under half of what I topped out at. So then, when I accomplish that goal, I will have truly become "half the man" I used to be.