Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Week of 03/10/2014: Back on the Horse

While licking my wounds last Sunday, I re-formulated my training plan and strategy for Grandma's.  Fortunately there is still time to work a plan.  What it requires is a firm commitment to run all my training miles, and to adust my expectations regarding my pace (& ultimately my finish time).  In short I will NOT be averaging 11:30 miles at Grandma's in June.  While I do think that it is possible that I could condition myself to run 12's, I am not sure how much I would enjoy it or what kind of shape I would be in after I finished.

The plan then, is to complete my 'unfinished business' from the 2012 TCM.  I intend to pace at 12:30, finish at 5:30 or better, and most importantly, finish well (All smiles, all wheels on the wagon)  Almost as an omen that this is the right plan, the same 5:30 pacer from the 2012 TCM will be pacing the 5:30 group at 2014 Grandma's.

I can re-evaluate this plan over the coming weeks, there is still time at this point if I really think that my GMP (goal marathon pace) could/should be faster.

Monday 03/10/2014

Scheduled:  REST
I extended my recovery from Saturday's race into Monday.  Overall most pain had subsided but my quads were still bothering me.

Tuesday 03/11/2014

Scheduled:  3 Mile Recovery Run
I ran this one indoors on the treadmill, and I took it extremely slow.  As in I only walked the first and third miles, and the second mile was barely a light jog.  My heartbeat barely got over 100 during the entire thing.  But what is important is that I got some blood flowing down to my sore leg muscles and got them used to the idea f moving again.  They felt pretty good afterward, though the quad pain lingers on.

Wednesday 03/12/2014

Scheduled:  4 Mile Recovery Run
Back outdoors!  18º, Clear.  I took a nice easy run on my oldest route (out and back to a stoplight 2 miles from my house).  The pace was light and easy, which was good considering the number of ice patches that I encountered.

Thursday 03/13/2014

Scheduled:  5 Mile Recovery Run
23º, Partly Cloudy.  Another light and easy paced day.  Even though there were a few clouds out I could still make out a bright red Mars hanging overhead in the pre-dawn sky.  It was really a beautiful time to be outside.  Again, the ice patches require constant vigilence.  Running outdoors this time of the year is not for the careless.

Friday 03/14/2014

Scheduled:  REST
Fridays are normally my swimming days, but this week is spring break and the middle school where I do my lap swimming was closed this week.  I took advantage to get in an extra day of rest.

Saturday 03/15/2014

Scheduled:  6 Mile Long Run
19º, Clear. Again, this is a tricky time of the year to be running outside.  During the daytime the snow & ice patches melt and re-freeze over night; the result is that the surface conditions are never exactly the same two days in a row.  You cannot simply "remember" where the ice is today based on where it was yesterday or two days ago.  So as before, I had to be very careful to watch my footing.  All of this was fine considering that the theme of this week has been very light and easy running.  The surface conditions have actually worked in my favor considering my tendency to run recovery runs at too fast a pace.

Sunday 03/16/2014

Scheduled:  REST
Enjoyable day off sleeping in, with the kids climbing in and joining us before we woke up for good.  A nice time at church and an al around good day.  Back out on the trail tomorrow!

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