Sunday, May 11, 2014

The Week of 05/05/2014: Going Rogue

I delayed writing this post because the truth was just too embarrassing to admit:  I dropped off the radar for the majority of the week and completely skipped all but one workout.  It was a terrible blow to my program.

Next week I'll try to d better, and to quote Forrest Gump, "That's all I have to say about that."

Monday 05/05/2014

Scheduled:  10 Mile Recovery Run
50º, Overcast, light breeze.  The big question on my mind this morning was how my legs and feet would respond to another double digit run after last Saturday.  And as I headed out, I did notice some discomfort in my knees, but nothing to abort the run over, or cut the distance.  I ran steady recovery pace splits throughout and covered the entire distance quite comfortably.

Undoubtedly the increased training mileage will be the defining factor in the difference between my TCM 2012 and Grandmas 2014 experiences.

Tuesday 05/06/2014

Scheduled:  6 Miles GA, 6x400m sprints
Skip.  :(

Wednesday 05/07/2014

Scheduled:  10 Miles, 7 Mile Tempo @ MP
Skip.  :(

Thursday 05/08/2014

Scheduled: 6 Miles GA, 6x400m sprints
Skip.  :(

Friday 05/09/2014

Scheduled: XT (Swimming)
Skip.  :(

Saturday 05/10/2014

Scheduled: 18 Mile Long Run
Skip.  :(

Sunday 05/11/2014

Scheduled: REST
No makeup runs (Though I did have visions of trying to get in yesterday's scheduled long run.  In the end I slept in).

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