Sunday, May 25, 2014

The Week of 05/19/2014: Averting with Disaster

Another low mileage week, with a a potential knee injury thrown in for good measure.  At this point it is more of a symptom, hopefully my countermeasures (See Sunday below) will be effective and not derail me too much, seeing as race day for Grandma's is less than four weeks away.

Monday 05/19/2014

Scheduled:  8 Mile Recovery Run
I rescheduled one of my rest days to today in order to continue recovery from yesterday's arduous long run.

While most of the foot and ankle issues have gone back to 'normal,' I did notice some issues today that either weren't there yesterday or that I just didn't notice-

  • Stiff/sore left shin
  • Stiff/sore right quadriceps
  • Stiff/sore hamstrings on both legs
  • Also, on my upper body my shoulders are still a little sore from toting the Camelback for 18 miles
  • Lastly, I think that something on the Camelback is rubbing me right in the small of my back about where my HRM strap goes - I get an irritation after long runs back there

Thus ends the list of my complaints.

Tuesday 05/20/2014

Scheduled: 7 Miles GA, 7x400m @ 5k
Time constraints caused me to cut this workout way back; also with my laundry list of complaints noted yesterday I decided to ease back into things.  I just did a simple 3 mile run on the treadmill at a very easy pace.  Things never really got comfy though they did loosen up a bit.

Wednesday 05/21/2014

Scheduled:  10 Miles MLR
After yesterday's run I noticed some tenderness in my right knee.  I am now well at the point where I am paranoid about hurting myself in the weeks leading into the race, so I rested ad slept in today.

Thursday 05/22/2014

Scheduled: 10 Miles 6@MP, 4 @HMP
Slept in again and rested.  Knee feels OK.

Friday 05/23/2014

Scheduled: REST
After skipping two straight days I decided that I better get back to it.  I did a 5k jog to a nearby cinder track, did a calibration of my Garmin and then did a magic mile (All out effort), followed by a 5k jog home.  Total 8 miles.

Saturday 05/24/2014

Scheduled: 20 Mile Long Run
Holiday weekend, the only way that I could have gotten this run is would have been to get up super early and be out the door hours before anyone else planned to stir.  Alas.  Re-scheduled the run for Monday the 26th, called it a rest day

In terms of fluid & electrolyte loss, I did do quite a bit of yard work, which was not a running workout, still felt like one by the time that I went in & hit the showers.

Sunday 05/25/2014

Scheduled: REST
I did have notions of getting in a makeup run first thing in the morning to atone for one of those skipped 10's from earlier in the week, but I ended up taking the rest.

I don't know if it was my all out mile from Friday or my yard work from the day before but my glutes and hamstrimgs are feeling very stiff.  Most likely the knee tenderness reported earlier this week is the early signs of Iliotibial Band Syndrome.   I will incorporate more stretching and look into some strength training to address it.  In the mean time it seems that I have inadvertently have taken one of the recommended countermeasures:  Reduce mileage.

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