Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Week of 01/20/2014

Another cold week with multiple subzero days.  The first week back from being sick was not great.  My heart rate while running at recovery pace was more aerobic.  Also had ongoing motivational issues, especially later in the week.  At this point I have been prioritizing getting rest in over getting miles in.

Monday 01/20/2014

Ran a scheduled recovery run on the treadmill tonight, 12:00 pace.  First time back on my feet since the 10 miler back on 01/10.  Based on perceived effort and my heart rate, this was more of an aerobic run.  I'm not sure what to make of that, I wasn't off the program long enough to have de-evolved.

Tuesday 01/21/2014

Seven miles on the treadmill, with a four mile tempo run in the middle.
2 @ 12:00
4 @ 10:00
1 @ 12:00

Wednesday 01/22/2014

Easy 3 miles RR on treadmill.  12:30 pace

Thursday 01/23/2014

AM - Slept in, skipped scheduled 6 mile RR.
PM - I didn't feel like making it up.

Friday 01/24/2014

I was up late last night and skipped my scheduled morning swim.

Saturday 01/25/2014

Skipped scheduled 12 mile Long run.  Aaaaargh!

Sunday 01/26/2014

Rest day scheduled.  Meltdown complete.  Next week is another week.

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